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Letter from the President

May 31, 2016


Greetings, ASMP Members.


As you know we recently welcomed the new ASMP Kansas City/Mid-America Board members in the last month. We have already had very productive board meetings and are excited about all of our plans for this coming year.


The highlight of the year will again be Pictures of the Year International (POYI), which we are hosting in Kansas City this fall. In 2015, the exhibition and series of events were a great success, which was thanks to our partnership with POYI and the Kansas City Public Library. Hundreds of people from the professional photography community, students and the community-at-large attended and were exposed to top-of-the-profession national and international photographers. Indeed, these three audiences are what we consider our "three pillars" that are the foundation of the local photographic community.


These three pillars are Experienced Professional Photographers, Emerging Photographers & Students, and the Photo-Interested, including amateurs, the general public, as well as other creative and industry professionals.


No professional organization can be successful in its mission of education and advocacy without engaging all three audiences with its programs.


To achieve this end, we are planning a schedule of informal and formal events that are designed to engage and benefit each of you. We hope that our renewed focus will be important and helpful to you, wherever you happen to fall in your photo career.


We have already had significant successes for our emerging members and future members by hosting educational sessions on pricing and licensing, as well as a panel discussion with photographers two years into their careers.


We have also heard from a number of ASMP professional members who live outside of the Kansas City area and so have not been able to fully participate in Kansas City area meetings. We have reinvigorated our efforts to stream our meetings to remote members and to create a private-access YouTube channel for them. We hope to engage our broader midwest based professional members more directly with possible meetings in Omaha, Des Moines, Springfield and even St. Louis.


We are also working on strategic partnerships with the Kansas City Professional Photography community-at-large. There are many talented local photographers who, like the national trend, straddle the worlds of commercial and retail photography. We think these are very important future ASMP members and we’d like to focus on how to bring the “ASMP curious” into our fold.


As always we look forward to seeing you at a future ASMP-KC event. We want to re-engage all of you with our chapter activities this year. Please come to an event this year and tell us what you like about them or what you’d like to change. We are here to serve your needs in any way that we can.


Best regards,


Simon Kuo and Jeremy Ruzich,
Co-Presidents, ASMP Kansas City/Mid America