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ASMP KC / Mid-America Chapter Benefits

ASMP was formed at a time when photographers were forced to shoot on speculation and credit lines had not yet been established. The organization was born out of need, and that need has driven it for more than half a century.

The ASMP has three primary purposes:
1. To protect and promote the interests of photographers whose work is for publication.
2. To promote high professional standards and ethics.
3. To cultivate friendship and mutual understanding among photographers.

Additional Benefits:

Find a Photographer (FAP) – A listing for General members on the widely promoted and accessible Web site,


Special Interest Activities – Networking is a major benefit of ASMP membership. Traveling seminars, workshops, and peer discussions held at our 40 chapters provide the opportunity to meet with your peers to discuss issues of concern and to exchange information.


Specialty Group Listserves for business and technical discussions.


Prestige – ASMP’s select group of photographers are respected by clients, prospects, and peers. The ASMP logo on your business card identifies you as one of the best in the profession.


Education – ASMP is committed to education through its publications, Web site, and programs.


Member News, Advisories, and Alerts – Important news and developments affecting your business are frequently e-mailed to you and posted on


Judicial, Legislative, and Regulatory Advocacy – ASMP supports photographer’s rights and actively engages in precedent-setting cases.


Contract Review – Contracts analysis and advice for both groups and for individuals.


Consultations – ASMP’s staff and legal counsel are always available to answer your questions and address your problems.


Discounts – Enjoy selected discounts on Photo District News products and services, Web servers, car rentals, air courier services, office supplies, and many other products and services.


Online Resources – Access the White Papers, Special Alerts and Tips, and the ASMP Business Practices Guide, the acknowledged industry standard for information on business practices and copyright.


Insurance – ASMP pioneered the development of Prosurance, a liability and property insurance policy developed exclusively for professional photographers.


ASMP is always working to improve and expand these benefits: life, comprehensive medical, major medical, accidental death and dismemberment, and disability insurance. ASMP Press and/ or ID Card – This card identifies you as a working, professional photographer.